Art Alliance: Serving the Cultural and Art Community with Pride

Welcome to the home for arts and culture on the Web. The gallery we have created is rich in cultural resources of all kinds, from major museums and performances by international stars, to small town galleries and festivals.

The Arts Alliance exists to support and promote arts and culture throughout the world. Whether you’re a tourist considering a visit, a business owner looking for a place your employees would enjoy living and working, an arts organization wanting help with your operations, or an artist wanting to promote your art, we hope you will find something interesting and useful in the pages of our site.

Our Mission and Commitment

The mission of the Arts Alliance is to support efforts to increase participation in arts and cultural activities, and strengthen the cultural community and organizations that provide these programs, thereby ensuring that all citizens benefit from our outstanding cultural resources.

To realize its mission, the Alliance is committed to support/create projects and services that Communicate – Facilitate – Educate – Advocate – and Celebrate the arts and its community!

Tracking Down our Books

We have several collections that have been put in print. If you are interested, try checking out the Abebooks marketplace for a comprehensive list of all the material out there.

Artists’ Census

The Arts Alliance to would like to determine how many artists and creative individuals. Why? Because artists are the spark that ignites our county’s creativity — but without knowing how many dancers, writers or photographers there are here, it’s hard to give individual artists the credibility and respect (not to mention the services) they deserve.

Artists of all types – visual, literary and performing, of any age and educational background – are encouraged to participate. The census is entirely confidential and includes only 10 questions.

If, after looking around, you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, please contact us!